Training movies

My beautiful and greatly missed Bona Dea heeling:

A behavior chain with 10 different behaviors with Dea:

This is what my Dea was trained for, search and rescue. Here you can see indication of a lost person in search and rescue by using the ‘Norwegian bringsel’:

Shaping go to mat with Australian shepherd Forbes:

Shaping finish with Forbes from a scratch by using a perch:

Shaping front with Forbes:

Back-chaining retrieve:

Hydration Intensified Tracking Training (HITT):

Practicing stimulus control for paw targeting:

Clicker trainer’s spouse can also become pretty savvy just by observing:

Get your dog used to handling:

Heeling practice with Forbes:

Modifying barking behavior:

Shaping a hand touch:

Shaping lie down on a mat:

Scent indication (tea):


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