Who we are?

Mindful Behaviors is a dog training service in Toronto, that uses force-free, science-based positive reinforcement training following the teachings of Karen Pryor. At Mindful Behaviors we coach you to train your dog with skill and precision by using clicker training: we use an event marker and lots of rewards. We do not employ food luring, which enables you to easily fade out the food rewards later. Clicker training is completely safe for the whole family to use and will lead to a mutually rewarding relationship with your dog.  You will be trained by Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner (KPA CTP), who has studied the science of how animals learn since 2002.

Karen Pryor Academy is an animal trainer program creating a worldwide network of skilled trainers all applying the same training principles of positive reinforcement:

Why choose us?

It can be difficult to choose a dog trainer from the abundance of services out there. But think of the following: even if you have driven a car for 30 years does this mean that you can take the engine apart and reassemble it? Probably not unless you have studied it. The same principle applies to dog training, you need a trainer who can teach you how your dog learns so that you can modify your dog’s behavior. This way the relationship between you and your dog improves right from the beginning. We make sure that you and your dog will receive the attention that you deserve.


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